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COBRA WRESTLING: Where every wrestler matters!

Wrestling is the oldest and purest combat sport/martial art, dating back to prehistoric times. Wrestling is a form of grappling type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws, takedowns, pins and other controlling/grappling holds. Position is everything. Wrestling is the ultimate sport but yet its techniques have been incorporated into other martial arts as well as military and police hand-to-hand combat systems.

Cobra Wrestling Club is for all ages from beginner to advanced. All we ask for is that you come ready to be coached. At Cobra Wrestling we will teach you everything/move that we know. You will learn the most basic and advanced moves.

You will learn wrestling, build self-confidence, respect and discipline that will last throughout your life!

Wrestling legend Dan Gable said it best: "Once you've wrestled, everything in life is easy."

Needed: Current USA Wrestling Membership Card. This card will provide you with the necessary insurance. Please go to to obtain your membership card.

Wrestling classes will be held on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7:30 PM and Sunday nights at 6:30 PM. Josh and Jesse Valentine are the lead wrestling coaches. To view their wrestling bio please see the Wright's Gym staff page.

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