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Introducing Wright's Gym's Newest Member to the Team

Wright’s gym newest team member has a rooted history as a member


My name is Kaelan Kreger and for nearly a decade, I’ve had the privilege of watching Wright’s Gym grow. I’ve witnessed the interior be designed and redesigned multiple times, watched as old equipment was retired to new and saw how motivated owner Dave Wright has been in creating the best gym in Pittsburgh. I now find myself as the newest member of the staff and hope to help improve Wright’s Gym as much as it has improved me. In this post I would like to introduce myself, tell you about my personal experience at Wright’s Gym and talk about my role moving forward as a team member.


I started attending Wright’s Gym at the age of 12, my father signing me up for the Muay Thai program. At that age I didn’t take interest in most conventional sports like football, baseball, soccer or track. Instead, I trained at Wright’s Gym for five days a week and continued to do that for several years. The trainers taught Muay Thai at an elite level and I seized the opportunity to learn. I immediately noticed how dedicated they were to my improvement, which I did not notice playing school sports at a large school district. After training for over a year I started to entertain participating in an amateur Muay Thai fight, but never decided to take it to that level. Regardless, I was receiving high level Muay Thai training from professional fighters. My main instructor at the time was Stephen Strotmeyer, whose professional career, expertise in the sport and commitment to its growth are all equally impressive. It has been great to see him years later as a professional working for the same gym he trained me out of. 

As I grew older, I aspired to get a college education. I decided to attend Slippery Rock University and acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. With the knowledge I’ve gained from studying communication, I now have the opportunity to help grow the gym that grew me in many different ways. I will be working with owner Dave Wright to support his vision of providing Pittsburgh with the best gym for fitness and mixed martial arts training. Some of my goals will be to help spread awareness of our incredible trainers who deserve the spotlight for their dedication and commitment to our members. I also hope to encourage more community members in the Pittsburgh area to visit our facility, hear about the quality of training and ultimately use Wright’s Gym as a source of self-improvement for their fitness and martial arts aspirations.


With the conclusion of this blog, I would like our members to know that I will be continuing to write blogs for our website on different topics related to Wright’s Gym. These topics will include martial arts news, fitness news and upcoming events associated with the gym. If you would like to take a look at some examples of my other pieces of work, here are links to my blog site and personal website. If you would like to submit any ideas or interests for blog topics, email

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