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Master The Art Of Ground Grappling With Our BJJ Classes

The fast-growing art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu emphasizes the skills needed for ground grappling and leverage. At Wright's Gym, our BJJ instruction includes everything from high-level technique training for fighters hoping to one day challenge themselves against the best to recreational practitioners who just want to get in a great workout. We are a part of the Master Professor Pedro Sauer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association as well as an affiliate of Steel City Martial Arts. Our lineage can even be traced back to Master Helio Gracie.

With the help of our BJJ classes in Pittsburgh, you can build an unbelievable total body strength and learn what it takes to defeat a bigger, stronger opponent. 

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From Law Enforcement To Everyday Self-Defense, BJJ Is Perfect For Any Situation

The skills we teach in our BJJ classes at Wright's Gym aren't limited to just the competition stage. Because this discipline centers on ground fighting strategies and because most real world confrontations end up on the ground, you can learn how to protect yourself today against any attack or real world threat.

Our BJJ instruction includes adaptations for Law Enforcement officers and use of force practices to self-defense systems for men and women of all ages. 

And the best part is: BJJ training teaches smaller, weaker fighters how to overcome a larger opponent. So no situation will ever leave you at a disadvantage. 

Enjoy benefits like:

  • Practical strength from repeated sparring instruction
  • Flexibility and coordination in all of your body movements
  • Explosive techniques that leave an opponent no time to react

Here's How It Works

We believe strongly at Wright's Gym that BJJ training as a competitive martial art can only best be taught through repeated sparring exercises against an opponent. 

And with the help of our trained instructors, you can do just that without the fear of injury or intimidation. 

Our BJJ classes include:

  • Live drilling
  • One-on-one roll testing
  • Progressions based on performance

Join Us Today For The Best BJJ In Pittsburgh

Are you ready to build a more practical strength? Get started with our BJJ training at Wright's Gym in Pittsburgh and see how effective this system can be as a stand-alone program or as a complement to your regular training.

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