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Get The Best Blend Of Krav Maga And Jiu Jitsu With Our Kids Martial Arts Classes

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You've probably seen the descriptions before: "we teach your child how to kick and chop and follow directions." It's a traditional Kids Martial Arts system. 

We're Not That.

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes at Wright's Gym in Pittsburgh combine two of the most exciting disciplines in all of the Martial Arts for a fun and constantly motivating class that will help your child develop vital physical activity habits - and yes - help them learn everything from discipline to respect.

A Kids Martial Arts Program Unlike Any Other

We call it "Krav-Jitsu" and it's exactly what you think. Our Kids Martial Arts Classes blend the disciplines of Krav Maga and Jiu-Jitsu for the most well-rounded approach in town. 

These classes are perfect for students ages 7-14 and include completely scalable instruction. So it doesn't matter if this is your child's first Martial Arts class or just one of many over the years. Our team of instructors will be sure to help them get the most out of each and every session. 

Kids Martial Arts training at Wright's Gym will give your child tools like:

  • Improved dexterity and coordination
  • Boosted athleticism that crosses over into any other sport
  • Unwavering confidence in their abilities
  • And a great group of friends serving as their support system

Let Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Serve Your Child For Years To Come

The skills we teach go well beyond the gym. They reach into every aspect of our students' lives and serve them in whatever journey they choose in life.

We truly care about the success of each and every student and we work hard to make our Kids Martial Arts classes continuously motivational and always challenging - pushing your little one every time they walk in the door. 

From the classroom, to their home life, to their careers down the road, your child will rely on elements of our program for years to come.

The benefits include:

  • Improved attention to detail
  • Streamlined learning practices
  • Pride in their accomplishments
  • And a commitment to the process 

Sign Your Child Up For The Best Kids Martial Arts Classes In Pittsburgh Today!

We can't wait to show you just how different our Kids Martial Arts training can be. Join us today at Wright's Gym in Pittsburgh and give your child the skills they need to succeed in every aspect of life.

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